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College Headquarters:  The College HQs is the command and control nerve-centre.  The HQ operates as a central directorate responsible to Defence HQ through the Commandant for the interpretation and implementation of training policy.

The Faculty Division: 

The Faculty Division is composed of Four Senior Officers of the rank of Major General/ Ambassador who are designated as Senior Directing Staff (SDS). These represents the three services( Army, Air Force and Navy) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively. The four are in charge of the actual implementation of the College Curriculum by identifying resource personnel, moderation of discussions, and directing presentations. They also provide tutorial and research guidance to participants as required throughout the course period.

The SDSs are assisted by  a cadre of four Junior Directing Staff (JDS) , three from corresponding services of the rank of Lt Col and one Civil Servant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Staff Division:

The College Secretary at the rank of Brigadier is in charge of the overall administration of the College.

He is assisted by the following officers:

  • College Coordinator at the rank of Colonel is responsible for academic co-ordination.
  • Commanding Officer  at the rank of Lt Colonel is responsible for Administration and Discipline of staff. He is deputized by an  Administrative Officer.