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Commandant NDC

Lt Gen J S Mwinyikai
CBS, HSC, ‘ndc’ (K), ‘psc’ (Fra)


To make NDC a Regional Center of Excellence for Policy and Strategy Studies towards the realization of a secure, stable, prosperous and peaceful Society.


To prepare selected Senior Military Officers and equivalent Civil Servants of the Republic of Kenya and their counterparts from allied countries for higher responsibilities in the direction and management of security and other related areas of Public Policy.

Our Strategy

To develop a national /regional institute for national security and strategy studies, which will develop strategic leadership capacity in the public sector to ensure guaranteed and informed participation at policy level


Developing and improving the intellectual capacity of senior military and government officials on broader dimension of security issues in order to think globally but act nationally.

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Alumni Association

The strategic intent of forming this Association was to create a critical mass of graduates bound together through social, welfare activities and intellectual forum

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