Alumni Association


The National Defence College was founded in 1992 as the senior-most Military Institution that would provide participants with intellectual tools to face national security challenges. The college Motto “Maarifa, Busara, Uzalendo” which in English translates to “Knowledge, Wisdom, Patriotism” aspires to bring together government officials who have been socialized and trained to think globally, but act nationally. In this spirit, the first course was started on 7 July 1997 and graduated on 12 June 1998 with  15 graduates. Over the years, the number has grown considerably. The College has so far trained 674 participants. This is a good number that could form an effective critical mass strongly bound together socially and intellectually. The intent of bringing graduates together can only be fully realized through an inclusive body such as an alumni association.

The idea of Alumni Association was first conceived in the year 2002 by the College faculty, staff and participants of Course 05-2002.The strategic intent of forming this Association was to create a critical mass of graduates bound together through social, welfare activities and intellectual forums. The desired mass herein is one that will have the capacity to discuss pertinent issues affecting national security annually, while building intellectual capacity of its members on a continuous basis. As a bonus, the NDCA(K) will keep a close and friendly bond that the members of the Association established during the academic year hence fostering a spirit of being their “brothers keeper” in life.

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